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For the boutique store GoldenInk, which creates and sells custom jewelry, we have created an online store with a configurator with which the customer can create their own jewelry. Interactive jewelry creation allows the customer to see the look of their creation in real time and adapt it to the current inspiration as needed.

Services and technology

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User Experience Design (UX)
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Configurator development
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Website and online store development
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Project management and consulting
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Technology: Webflow and dynamic forms
Image services
Project description


The client wanted the website to inspire a potential buyer to create their own jewelry for themselves or as a gift. Since jewelry is usually bought on special occasions, the desire was for the design to be romantic, in gentle pastel tones, and for the content to attract visitors to explore and purchase.

Easy editing of editorial content
Golden ink


The online store allows the visitor to become the creator of their own jewelry. With the help of a product configurator, a visitor with three main dimensions can create an infinite number of creations. And he has a visualization of the final product in front of him all the time.

Information architecture of web page and back-end systems

Easily editing of the website and store

With the help of an editor-friendly interface, the client has complete freedom in editing the website, content and images. It can also create custom landing pages for campaign purposes. To publish a new article or add new products, the editor does not spend more than 1-2 minutes.

Golden ink testimonial

Saša Pavlovski

Working with the Vareo team is a real pleasure. They are extraordinary experts who dedicate themselves to the client and propose solutions that are most suitable for the scope of business and the ambitions of the company. Although we are completely independent in editing the site, they always come to our aid when we want to upgrade our store. - Saša Pavlovski, co-founder of GoldenInk

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