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Martech strategy in the service of the purchasing path


Make informed decisions

Choosing the right marketing technology is a complex and difficult task, especially if you want the tools to be interconnected to avoid fragmentation and inconsistent data and functionality.

Vareo has developed a well-established approach that can help customers understand their requirements, identify the right suppliers, start the ordering process, and select a supplier.

We make sure that the right decisions are made as soon as possible.

Our services

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Inventory of business and technological requirements
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Preparation of RFI / RFP tender documentation
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Vendor and technology shortlisting
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Supplier evaluation and negotiation
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Overview of functionalities and configurations
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Assessment of system connectivity

MarTech Strategy

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Step 1: Status analysis

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Our collaboration begins with workshops designed to fully understand your business goals and challenges and your growth strategy.
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We then examine your existing marketing technology and solution architecture, related workflows, back-end integrations, and usage for all types of users.
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Step 2: Assessment of the situation

In the assessment of the situation, we review the functionalities of individual technologies and possible overlaps, the level of utilization, the degree of connection between tools and data flow, direct and indirect costs associated with each tool, bottlenecks and identify opportunities for improvement.

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Step 3: Gap analysis

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We compare your business requirements with the current situation, the activities of your competition, the expectations of your customers, good practices and the situation in the field of marketing technology.
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Based on this, we prepare a gap analysis and make recommendations for closing them.
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Step 4: Architecture proposal

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At this stage, we prepare a proposal of suitable tools and providers that best meet your needs through the sales funnel.
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In doing so, we take into account your limitations and objectives.
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We can also support you in preparing RFP and selecting suitable providers.
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Step 5: Support and development

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This phase can be a stand-alone project or a continuation of a consulting project.
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Our development team takes care of the integration of new tools with existing marketing and ERP tools.
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In the case of the selection of technologies of which we are a representative, we also support you in introducing technology into the work process.

Selected MarTech consulting projects

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