Integration of marketing tools

Connect your tools to increase your efficiency and get a 360° view of the business

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360° view of the customer

From CRM, marketing automation tools, and analytics tools to accounting and ERP systems, these are just a few of the tools you use in your company. In many cases, these tools are not interconnected, which means that data about our customers and business is scattered.

Ideally, all systems in the company should be interconnected, as this is the only way to avoid manual processing and coordination of data from marketing, sales, production, accounting, and the like.

For the successful business of an online store or website, it is essential that they are linked with your other business tools. Because only in this way you will be able to compete in a fast-growing and ever-changing digital market.


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How do we work on an integration project?


Tell us where your sore points are, what you want to connect or what problem you want to solve.

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We will prepare a feasibility study and develop the architecture of the solution.

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We will prepare a realistic time and financial framework for implementing integration.

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We take care of the successful implementation of the project
from A to Z.


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