How do technologies shape the future of marketing and work?

How do technologies shape the future of marketing and work?

Nataša has more than 17 years of experience in the field of strategic and digital marketing and digital transformation. She started her career at the global consulting house AT Kearney, where she worked for 4 years with the managements of all major companies in the region as well as Germany. As the strategic director at Pristop and Renderspace, and the director of marketing and sales at the IEDC Bled Business School, she focused her attention on the field of digital transformations and digital marketing. Nataša founded Vareo, a martech consulting agency, as she recognized the big gap between market trends and the actual implementation and use of digital technologies in companies. Remaining true to her belief that business goals guide strategies and activities, she has gathered a team of experienced professionals, striving that technological solutions are really in the service of marketing and not the other way around. Nataša is an active member of the Slovenian Marketing Association, where she was also a member of the board of directors and heads the Academy for Young Marketing Talents. In addition, she is the co-founder of the innovative TALENTcloud platform for the exchange of employees between companies under the auspices of AmCham. Nataša is a lecturer in Strategic Digital Marketing at the postgraduate MBA study at the University of New York and Prague and at the undergraduate study at Gea College.

Fav quote: basically there are two that shaped me:

  • “rather apologize than ask permission” (author unknown)
  • “Focus on the things you have direct or indirect influence on, everything else is an unnecessary waste of energy” S. Covey

Fav book: given that reading is my hobby, it's hard to decide on the best, but one of the ones that redirected my flow of business life was MJ Demarc's book - Unscripted

Top Series: Podcast Series: Growth Think Tank; Netflix series: Marseille

Hobbies: horseback riding (jumping over obstacles), downhill mtb, skiing, hills, traveling (when possible), reading

Fav food: everything my husband cooks

Fav entrepreneur: Emil Tedeschi

Fav app: uf, I can't live without them

Three life wisdoms:

  • Believe in yourself,
  • Follow your goals and don't give up until you are satisfied with what you have achieved,
  • Always find time to celebrate small and big successes.